Duncan CunninghamName: Duncan Cunningham
Role: Producer, Director ,Writer, Publisher, Editor
Duncan – Meet Duncan Cunningham, the mad genius behind Killer Comics. As a filmmaker turned comic book creator, Duncan brings a unique perspective and boundless creativity to his work, crafting tales that are dark, imaginative, and utterly captivating. With a background in working in morgues, hospitals, and asylums for the criminally insane, Duncan has a wealth of inspiration to draw from, and his passion for pushing the boundaries of the genre is evident in every panel. Whether you’re a fan of horror, action, or just good old-fashioned killer fun, you’ll find something to love in the pages of Killer Comics. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the incredible stories brought to life by Duncan Cunningham – dive into the twisted world of Killer Comics today.
Aaron CassidyName: Aaron Cassidy
Role: Writer
Aaron – Originally a filmmaker Aaron Cassidy too found the mechanics of film making restrictive and frustrating, although the mechanics of comic writing present new challenges and difficulties, he finds the medium as a storyteller a breath of fresh air. As a writer Aaron has written many specs – long and short form, two feature films and  several shorts.
As a director he has completed a feature, several shorts and hours of corporate video. As a storyteller Aaron believes characters that require stupid decisions to advance a plot make for stupid plots. With that belief he has strived to learn as much as he can about as  much as he can. Throughout his life Aaron has worked in Film, theatre, television, music, pyrotechnics and construction.

Name: Armand C. Rusinov
Role: Designer/Animator/Motion Graphics Artist/Comic lettering.
Armand – He began his career as a graphic designer and quickly moved to web design, where he met Duncan as a customer. Since then, Armand has dived into numerous  types of media, including, but not limited to: Motion graphics, visual effects, graphic design, web design, sound design, animation, 3D graphics and music, among many others. You can visit his website at to see more of his work.

Comic Book Artists

Ignacio Vega: Issues (#1-#4) Art/Ink/Color:
Igor Chakal Teixeira: Issue (#5) Art/ink
Armando Jasmin Jr.: Issues (#5-#10) Colors
Harsho Mohan Chattoraj: Issues (#6-#10) Art/Ink

Cover Artists :

Duncan Cunningham
Nick Percival
Álvaro Jiménez
Adnan Ali
Chad Shepherd
Ian Llanas
Björn Barends
Chucky Penero
Konstantin Kartashov
Raffaele Marinetti
Jey Soliva
Dino Agor
Jihane Mossalim
Igor Chakal Teixeira
Samir Simão
Mark Marvida
Shane Gates
Felipe Kroll

Cover Colorists:

Armando Jasmin Jr.
Bryan Arfel Magnaye
John Becaro

cover inks:

Gary Mitchell

Lettering & page fx:

A. C. Rusinov

Crucifix Executioner
Comics logo designd by:

Bram Meehan

Motion Comic

Artist – Ignacio Vega
Narration – Jon Bailey
Nurse – Julie Dickson
Wolfman – Brent Bailey
Crucifix Executioner – Duncan Cunningham
VFX, Editing, Animation,
Music and Sound FX – A. C. Rusinov